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Frequently Asked Questions

About EventCast

How is EventCast different from the multitude of other webcasting solutions available?
EventCast is different because it has been designed in-house by event professionals for event and meeting organisers. It is totally flexible, extremely reliable and very affordable. Rather than clients having to fit around EventCast, it fits around the client’s needs with functions such as synchronised PowerPoint, discussion forums and interactive technology.

What does EventCast offer?
EventCast can provide live webcasting synchronised to PowerPoint; a range of camera and filming options (including pre-recorded footage); community discussion forums and live chat; sophisticated remote interactive technology with on-line delegate voting and comments; professional on-line facilitation; and post-event video on demand plus synchronised and downloadable PPTs.

What different types of ways can EventCast be used?
There are many different ways in which EventCast can be used.

Firstly, EventCast can be used as an addition to your existing event - to increase delegate attendance and participation and open up the event or meeting to a wider, remote audience; greatly increasing your Return on Investment.

Secondly, it can be used to scale down your on-site event - perhaps due to budget or logistical reasons - with a small live audience and others logged in remotely from across the country or even worldwide.

Thirdly, EventCast can be used to create a stand-alone virtual meeting or event - greatly reducing costs for your organisation and your delegates.

Track record

Have you used this in any events yet?
Yes, although we are only just launching this service, we have used it on a few events; an awards ceremony, an open meeting and a staff presentation (as well as our three EventCast demos).

EventCast savings

How can EventCast save money for the organiser?
EventCast can save the organiser money in a number of ways. Venue hire and catering costs can be slashed or even removed altogether. Audio Visual production and event management costs can also be greatly reduced. Audience take-up and participation can be maximised by offering a far more flexible format than a traditional live event. For instance with EventCast you can schedule presentations and interactive sessions spread over several days, interspersed with moderated discussion forums; all on-line.

How can EventCast save money for the delegate?
Delegates save time and money by having no wasted travel time. Instead they have the opportunity to dip in and out of appropriate sessions from the comfort of their home, their workplace or even on the move... and still be able to engage fully, ask questions, make comments and have a say. Also after the event, delegates have the opportunity to replay sessions they may have missed using Video on Demand and downloadable presentations.

Organiser requirements

Are there any restrictions on layout and design? Is the Does the EventCast screen have to look like the demo site?
No, there are no restrictions on layout and design. We have developed a totally flexible package which can be tailored to each individual client's needs, including mirroring existing websites, campaigns and branding, etc.

Can you view PPT and complete interactive votes at the same time?
Yes, you can have any layout and design you wish including multiple video, PowerPoint and interactive screens. The EventCast demo just shows one such design.

Can EventCast be supplied as a stand alone facility if, for example, we are doing our own event management / using another supplier
Yes, EventCast is designed to work as a bolt-on to existing live events or as a stand-alone virtual event solution. It is also designed to link with all existing event production equipment; whether it be our own or that of a third party supplier (such as event management, AV, filming, etc.)

I already have cameras and sound equipment confirmed for my upcoming event, can I still use eventcast?
Yes, EventCast is designed to link with all existing event production equipment; whether it be our own or that of a third party supplier. We just need a video and audio feed.

Can you provide a studio facility if our offices are not suitable?
Yes, we can provide facilities at our offices or source a suitable studio venue near to you. However, it should be noted that EventCast is designed to work practically anywhere including offices and meeting rooms as well as larger conference spaces.

How can you evaluate the success of an EventCast?
Delegate feedback can be obtained via the chat and discussion functions on the EventCast website as well as the specific interactive sessions. All of this data is collated and provide to the client in the form of a post-event report. In addition, detailed statistical analysis, including number of viewers, length of stay and peak usage, etc. can also be provided.

Delegate requirements

You say delegates can access EventCast remotely from home, office or mobile - what do you need to access an EventCast?
All you need to take part with EventCast is access to the internet and a Flash-enabled PC/Mac which is the basic standard these days. We also have a dedicated technical helpline to help delegates get on-line.

Can delegates using voting / table technology live onsite link in with the same system as the online viewers for discussion and voting?
Yes, EventCast provides complete integration between on-site and remote interactive technology enabling all delegates to work together.

Can participants opt to attend 'breakout' groups covering varying themes/topics?
Yes, this is possible, although you would need to have cameras and feeds from each breakout to show video. Alternatively, with the interactive technology you could have different tables viewing different content or different workshops discussing different topics; just by having different log-in set-ups for groups of delegates.

Can delegates download content such as presentations through the EventCast site during/after the event?
Yes, all PowerPoint presentations are synchronised with the live event and then can be downloaded afterwards (along with any other event materials).

If a delegate misses the live EventCast is there a facility for watching again?
Yes, we have a video on demand facility which enables delegates to view a recording of the event at any time afterwards; along with synchronised and downloadable PowerPoint slides.

EventCast security

I don't want my competitors to be able to view commercially sensitive information. How can you make sure my EventCast is secure?
EventCast is built on our highly-successful secure on-line registration package; GEM. So admission to the EventCast can be restricted to registered delegates via password protected access.

Is it possible to set up the system so that only people with log-ins are allowed to see the broadcast?
Yes, the GEM on-line registration system is highly sophisticated; enabling admission to the EventCast to be restricted to registered delegates via password protected access. Additionally, on-line payments can be taken for access to EventCast.


How reliable is Eventcast
EventCast is extremely reliable. By harnessing the latest technology, we are able to provide the webcast feed without the need to rely solely on a venue internet connection or expensive facilities such as dedicated SDSL lines or satellite trucks. We link directly to our server centre at Glasgows via multiple links to guarantee connectivity. From there it is broadcast on to the web via our dedicated bandwidth using multiple ISPs with built-in redundancy.

Can you use EventCast even if the venue has no internet connection?
Yes. Our system is not reliant on a venue's internet connection. We webcast on multiple platforms with plenty of built-in redundancy. We provide a secure link from site to our servers where the EventCast is streamed to the internet.

Will my organisation have to get involved in complex technical set-ups or changes to its current website?
No. EventCast is a stand-alone service that can link seamlessly from your existing website via a simple weblink.

How much bandwidth does eventcast take per individual user?
EventCast requires very little bandwidth per user (no more than 500kb) so is suitable even for basic broadband packages.

What is the maximum number of people that can join an EventCast?
Theoretically, there is no limit to the number of people who can join EventCast. However, we can guarantee at least 1,000 simultaneous viewers without any problems.

Can you use EventCast from multiple sites and link them up via the web?
Yes, it can be used from multiple sites, but is not ideal for live video/audio communication due to the time delay (about 3 seconds). However, EventCast is ideal for communicating from a central hub to remote participants, whilst still enabling them to interact with the hub and each other via Discussion Forums, Event Chat and Interactive Technology.

Working with Government, will this system work with secure firewalls etc ok?
Any website can be blocked by a company's firewall; it really depends on the severity of the security protocols in place. We have tested EventCast with many Government Departments and most are able to access the service. EventCast uses standard website architecture and delivery platforms which should not cause any issues with most firewalls. However, we do have a dedicated technical team who are available to help any clients or viewers and work with their systems administrators to resolve any firewall issues.


You say this service is hugely cost effective, but what kind of costs are you talking about here and what do your clients get for their money?
As EventCast is totally flexible, we can provide a whole range of packages tailored to individual client’s needs. However, to give clients an idea of costs for budget purposes, we have provided three indicative packages:

Bronze package from £2,250
Silver package at £4,000
Gold package at £7,500.

Do you come to the venue and set up as part of the prices quoted or is this additional?
Yes, set-up and running on-site are all included in the indicative costs.

In addition to the set up costs quoted, is there a cost per user?
No, the costs quoted will be the total cost, irrespective of the number of viewers.